Friday, January 11, 2013

December Recap

Well, I took a blogging hiatus. We'll say it was for the holidays...yeah, thats the ticket! lol So, since it has been awhile, I figured that I would do a December recap before starting off 2013. The holidays were good. It was an adjustment for everybody but we made it through with minimal drama. Everybody played nice. lol

This was our annual picture in front of the Christmas tree at the Festival of Lights. We go every year and take this same picture. It's really neat to see how much the kids have grown...and of course my ever changing hair styles/colors. One day the kids are going to look back and be worried about who the strange lady is in the picture. lol

This was also the year of the handmade Christmas. I crocheted these owl/Angry Bird hats for the kids, learned how to knit  ruffled scarves and even created a Scrabble tile art piece for Mom.

Thank goodness for Mom and Dad because they helped the kids make these wonderful gifts for me. They were so proud and I will treasure them always. Skylar's owl is just too cute with the three little baby owls on top of my trophy. Brayden made me the Auburn earrings because he knows where my heart is. And Peyton's hand print on the ornament made the cutest little snowmen.
Skylar performed in her very first play in December and was fabulous. She was definitely born to act and gets that from her father. We surprised her with flowers after the show and she lit it up the room. Her valley girl/prep was spot on with the eye rolls and finger snapping. 
Brayden put together his very first Lego set all by himself and followed the directions. Took him about 3 hours but he was so proud. I was amazed!
 And Peyton discovered her inner artist. She has been watching all of my creativity lately and has been very curious. Water colors are a favorite and she got sets for both our house and Grandma's house for Christmas. Look out will be paying money for these one day!
We had a little excitement at our house the day before Christmas Eve. The kids went to play outside (Okay, they were driving me crazy in the house so I banished them to the outside!) and decided that it would be fun to decorate each others faces (Well, for Skylar to decorate their faces). The problem is that this isn't washable is SHARPIE PERMANENT marker! I was so furious with them that I immediately drug them in the house and threw them in the shower after a few choice words, of course. lol But, in the midst of the chaos, being the photographer and the scrapper that I am, I had to capture the moment for posterity (and future blackmail!) Can you tell by the sheepish look who the very guilty party is?
New Year's Eve was spent with these beautiful ladies watching Clemson win their bowl game and ringing in the New Year. It was so much fun and we ended up closing the club down after dancing the night away. I love these girls and can't wait to spend 2013 with them causing a little bit of trouble and having a whole lot of fun!
And last but not least, here is my accountability portion of the recap. Not too bad because I didn't gain over the holidays which is amazing in itself. I tried to watch what I was eating and kept my portions small. I lost a little bit but I have to get back on the wagon now that it is January and start losing again. Goal is 10 pounds by my birthday which is March 1st. Bought two more Jillian Michaels DVD's for Christmas so she is going to whip me into shape!!!
Here is the before picture and I can't wait to add the after by the end of the year. I am not totally unhappy with this because I have lost 20lbs but I have a long way to go still. Eyes on the prize and hopefully it will be a brand new me by 2014!