Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning Blues?

So this is where I'm at. A long way from the 205 that I started out at a few months ago but still a long way to go. In the past, I would have been mortified to post a picture of a number like that but do you know what? It is what it is. There is nobody to blame but myself. I let myself get to this point, and I have to accept the responsibility for it.

That being said, I know that I am working to do something about it and that feels so good. I haven't been in the 180's in about three years so that is definitely something to smile about. My ultimate goal is another 40lbs or so but I know that wont happen overnight. It is going to take a lot of hard work but I'm committed. Until then, Mondays are going to be my accountability days. I am going to post my scale pictures and give an update of where I am at physically and mentally. It's time to get healthy!

Saturday was a lot of fun. It was MUSC Day at Charles Towne Landing so I got the kiddos and Mom in free which was especially cool since it was her birthday. It was beautiful out there with all the Fall colors so we took advantage and shot a lot of pictures. For the most part, the kids were agreeable and we got some really cute ones of them. Pictures to follow once I finish editing them but here is a sneak peek:

Mom actually took the perfect one to use for our Christmas card this year. Originally, I had intended to use one of the kids by themselves, but the one of all of us was just too perfect not to go with it. It was kind of bittersweet with just the four of us, and I debated about it for awhile but like my weight, it is what it is. This is our new reality. We can chose to embrace it or we can wallow, and for me, I am going to embrace it and thrive.

This week is going to be hard because of Thanksgiving. The kids still don't really understand what the split means for them. They don't understand why we can't have dinner as a family like we always have. It's hard to explain it to them when sometimes I don't even understand it myself. I am just thankful that we have been able to remain friendly for their sakes. So far it has been a peaceful transition and that has definitely been a blessing and made things easier on everybody.

So for now, this is my new motto.

I know that there are bigger and better things on the horizon for all of us.